It got cold.

In words and pictures by Edward

I don’t like that. That it got cold. Anyway, let’s see what we have here, this is a big photo dump, shots here from October 3rd till November 29th. Let’s get started.

So these kids look like hoodlums, but they’re just dudes, just some dudes hanging out at the beach smoking a joint. That’s it. They’re harmless, they don’t care about you, but I bet one of them is wondering why I took his picture. Some more artsy fartsy bullshit through the privacy glass on the pier, people, you know. A bunny, too. I hope the bunny got back to it’s rightful owner. I’m usually not a sky photographer taker person, but lately, it’s been hard to resist. Also seagulls are plotting.

Most of my shots of people are from behind, and I wonder if the people in them would feel like they’re having their privacy violated if they knew. But I don’t care, because I like making pictures.