I bought a Pentax Q.

In words and pictures by Edward

Well, I should specify, I bought another Pentax Q. I’ve had one for a while, and I’ve quite enjoyed, but this one came with the “01 Prime Lens”, a snazzy leather case, three batteries, and a 32GB SD card, all for the price of what I was willing to pay for the 01 Prime Lens. The prime lens is f1.9 8.5mm, which with the Q’s 5.6x crop factor makes it a 47.6mm lens. So I bought it, just for the one lens, and now have two Pentax Qs, and a lot of batteries. And two of the same lens, the 02 Standard Lens, which is, you know I’m a positive dude and I look for nice things to say an awful lot, but that kit lens is really not up to snuff for the quality of this camera body. That it shipped with that lens, and not the prime is probably why this camera never caught on. I’m going to keep both and do time lapses with one, despite the quality of the kit lens. As you can see from the feature image, it’s a rather small camera when compared with my growing Minolta family. Which I just added an XG-A to.

Onward to pictures. So I’ve decided one of my Q bodies is going to remain black and white, I’m going to shoot it in “BW” mode, and that’s that. Shooting it I found the small size so great for getting good candid shots, most of these were shot from the hip and it’s pretty easy to fenagle.

The picture of the man’s hands was me getting really bold and seeing what I could get away with. Also had it in my passenger seat, and took a shot through the window of my van. It’s a solid lens and a little kit. I’m gonna be sticking it in tons of peoples faces.