There was an eclipse and some other things.

In words and pictures by Edward

The eclipse was neat. It’s way cooler if you’re near the totality, but where I am it started around 1030AM and ended about an hour later, I think it was close to 90% totality here. The coolest part was seeing the morning mist on the water start to lift, then when the eclipse started to happen, it got darker, the temperature dropped 4c, and the morning mist came right back. Other than that it was so foggy it just looked like the sun was being blotted out.

All right let’s see what we got this time. People, you know, look at ’em, hanging out. On the beach. The first one is a woman look surprised because someone was dropping a crab pot out of season, which you’re not supposed to do. The misty ones are from the eclipse. At this time of year the tide is commonly out this far, so that’s not unusual. However the fog did stick around a bit longer thanks to the eclipse. As you can see, it was quite foggy.

I keep taking pictures at the new covered seating areas on the fishing pier. “New”, I think they went in late last year. The privacy plastic or whatever it’s called makes for some interesting views. Eventually I’ll get a good one. The guy in the second from last picture could have been a Marlboro Man if he were born 30 years earlier, when that sort of marketing schtick was still okay. But alas he’s just a fisherman in Edmonds. Not a bad fate.