British Columbia is a little bit on fire.

In words and pictures by Edward

There was a haze around since there have been a lot of wildfires in British Columbia. I know it’s easy to dismiss it especially if you’re far removed from it, but I do find it quite tragic. There are people in that part of the world who feel the same way about where they live as I do about where I live. I really care about this place, I like the fact that I’m able to easily get to Olympic National Park, and Mt. Rainier and Baker so easily. The idea of so much of that, which has taken hundreds of years to grow, and takes so much work to maintain, the thought of that going literally up in flames is awful. There’s a reason people care about this stuff so much, and with urban sprawl not getting smaller, it’s getting more important that we maintain these environments. When it goes away, we’re losing centuries. We’re losing a part of the world that took centuries to make.

Onto a less dour note, the haze did make for some interesting pictures. If there’s ever a movie about Edmonds Guy I shot the poster. A couple of blurry shots, I like the idea of the blurry ones but the soft focus kills me. There’s also a black and white one. I saw the opportunity for this shot, and I thought, I really want to take this shot but in medium ISO black and white film. I did have a film camera on me, my Minolta X-370, but I have 100 ISO film in there, which would result in a very fine grain film negative. So I did something I usually don’t; post that you couldn’t do in a darkroom. I made it black and white, I added a grain and a very soft vignette, and I kinda like how it turned out. Hmm, I think I need to get over that purist ideal of shooting for the camera and not what’s in your head. When I shoot digital I think color, because it shoots in color. I don’t think the value in an aesthetic is lost if when something was made, it was intended to have that aesthetic, albeit manipulated later.

Flowers! There was a wedding at the beach and there were a lot of well dressed people. Two of the flower girls decided letting the tide take the flowers out in a few hours was a better end for them than a bin. I agree and I do hope these photographs allow them to last even longer!

I’m on the pier a lot, I think that’s obvious. The air feels so much nicer when you’re right out over the water. It was a warm week when these were taken, and it always felt so nice to be at the sound. Though lately I’ve needed my hooded sweatshirt at the beach.

These last few shots, I feel like I’m getting super Wes Anderson in this motherfucker. It was 100% my intent with the next to last one. I saw the opportunity to go for a look, a look I don’t usually go for, and I like the execution!

That’s it.