I got laid off and took pictures.

In words and pictures by Edward

I went to the beach a lot, took pictures, you know. I got a new job, I start tomorrow, but it’s just orientation so whatever. Anyway, I don’t even know what pictures I’m going to upload. Keep in mind these posts are just things that don’t go into my portfolio, or end up here before they go to my portfolio. I tend to sit on things a bit before they go into one of my main galleries. Which I need to reorganize anyway. Anyway, pictures.

So let’s ramble about this shit. I like to take pictures of people, man. Shooting people without them knowing is my jam. I’m not very keen on the second picture, I like the light and the lines her hair, face, and barette make, but the person walking in the background muddies it up! Not all are winners, and I’m pretty sure she knew I took her pictures. Sometimes I obviously get caught, as you can see. The young woman in the Jesus dog picture is pretty cool, in my funemployment I saw her at the beach almost every day, she’s always out there shooting. That’s how you develop a skillset. Go out and shoot, a lot, gravitate toward what you like, then get better at that. I’m super stoked to see her doing it, and I will encourage her to continue.

At the end of the Edmonds dock there’s this bridge where the light and lines all line up really well at the right time. I took a picture here once before, not expecting it to turn out well, and I kinda liked it. So I’ve decided I’m going to keep taking pictures there until I get really good at taking pictures at that spot. Next up is this seagull piece of shit. You know what he did? He shit on this persons car, then looked at me. I captured this moment so that everyone can know this bird is an asshole.

I’m not a sunset picture guy but damn, sometimes you see some shit that’s worth photographing. I’m also not an artsy fartsy picture guy, but the light and anonymity the polycarbonate panels create is pretty nice!

That’s it.