A bike and some people at the beach.

In words and pictures by Edward

I’m really glad I looped around to get the picture of the bike, I had been coming back after the sun had set, and I saw it sitting in front of this closed down corner bar, with the lights out front still on, the light was really nice. It turned my head when I drove past, so I decide to loop around and start shooting. After a while the owner came out was none too keen on taking pictures of his bike. I can understand his concern, but by the same token if you wanna park a five digit bike under a light where you know it looks good, don’t get cross when it attracts attention.

The next picture is Bill, also known as “Edmonds water temperature taker guy”, or “Edmonds guy”. He’s very knowledgeable about the area, and by his long nickname, you may have guessed he takes the water temperature. He does, at the same time, every day, at the beach by the Edmonds-Kingston ferry. He’s been doing this for several decades, and has such a consistent record his notes have been cited in research papers about the changing climate in the region. If he’s at the beach he often has a moment to talk about Edmonds, or the surrounding area. If you see him, say hello!

Quite a few of the pictures I’ve been taking lately have been “From the hip”, or blind. Not looking through the viewfinder. I’m quite a bit tall, and it’s hard to get the best angle for taking photographs of people, so I’ve started holding the camera lower and shooting while glancing between my camera and the subject. I’m getting better, and it’s very rewarding.