I take pictures of random people at the beach.

In words and pictures by Edward

I just go down to the water man, and take pictures of people. I usually shoot film, but I think I’m out of film, I dunno. I loaned one of my Minolta X-370’s and one of my 50mm 1.7’s to a friend to take to Italy so she could take some sweet ass pictures. Anyway I dunno how much film she used so I might have some film, might not. I dunno, so digital for now. Hey man if you do read this can you tell me how much film you used? ’cause I think it’s two rolls plus the one that’s stuck in the camera.

I saw this guy, with this beard and this hat, and I was like, I’m taking pictures of you. He super caught me, then he posed for me, so that was cool. Went out onto the pier and took pictures of more people, you know, just hangin’ out. A couple, they look happy. That girl is really happy about something and someone else knows I’m taking a picture of them. Shoot and move before they have a chance to ask questions. I get caught a lot.

Went out a couple days later, tide was hella high, look at that, damn. The dude at the end of the pier, like my lens took a shit right there, my 50mm 1.8. The frontal most lens element sort of fell out? And it kinda shimmied back in, but not really. Anyway, this is a recurring problem. When it’s at max focus, the front falls of sometimes. Whatever. You deal with. Only this time it wouldn’t go back on, so it’s a bit out of focus.

After some struggling I fix it and I run into Josh. Josh likes to fish at the pier, and I like to be at the beach. He brings is friends along, John, Georgia, Madeline, and Valentine sometimes. I have some pictures of them on film, just gotta develop it!

Went down the beach a bit further and came across these boats from up top a bridge and thought, someone can make a good picture here. I tried? It’s okay. Took a picture of another stranger.

Found a treat at the very end of the beach, a lad shooting an Arax medium format SLR! 82mm lens, big ol’ chunky thing. Connor was his name, he was also shooting some Impossible Project thing I didn’t really understand because any film camera made after the Nikon F6 is bullshit. That’s not to discount the Canon EOS 1V, but come on, man.

Also his dad was there, Mike I think it was, with a Widelux! I was super chuffed to see it, had never seen one before. Looked like a lot of fun to shoot.

That’s it.